Reduced Stress in healing Asthma

Published – 2-20-2013

Reduced Stress in healing Asthma

Many people don’t know that stress, both personal and work related can be a major trigger for asthma. Financial worries, strained family relationships, loss and grief, anger, panic, upset, yelling and crying can easily trigger an asthma attack.
Just as air pollution, pets and allergies can cause an asthma flare so does uncontrolled stress.

Why is that so? Research tells us that stress doesn’t only affect the mind, it affects the body too, and the physical reactions to stress take place instantly. Anxiety and upset can cause the muscles around the airways to tighten, cause breathing to become fast and shallow.
Feeling worried and overwhelmed tends to also activate the stress hormones and the immune system and cause an increased productions of mucus, symptoms of whizzing and swelling and further obstruction of the airways. All these cause an increasingly shortness of breath that sooner or later brings on an asthma attack.
People who experience on going emotional stress in fact, develop stressful habits of breathing, and continue to breathe in this manner on a daily basis. As a result, periodic asthma attacks turn into a chronic condition.
Doctors claim asthma is an incurable chronic condition. I say that the chronic condition in most asthma cases is the habit itself and it is possible to reverse it.  The truth is that our body and mind can help us regain healthy normal breathing if we only give it a chance.
Breathing habits are learned behaviors that can be changed by retraining your respiratory system to breathe normally again, in a relatively short time. Over time, the new habits become automatic and the effects on breathing are amazing.
Learning how to  calm your body and mind and how to deal with everyday stress effectively without “stressing the body” is essential in protecting your lungs and immune system from overreacting and producing respiratory symptoms.

Dr. Uri Kenig

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