Natural Allergy Solutions – Say Goodbye to Allergies

Natural Allergy Solutions – Say goodbye to allergies

Dr. Uri Kenig, March 2012

Suffering from allergies? You are not alone
Allergies are very common among people of all ages (see list of common symptoms). It is estimated that 1 out of every 5 Americans suffer from allergies.
Undiagnosed allergies can develop over time into all sorts of stubborn chronic conditions including inflammation, infection, asthma and bronchitis, headaches, digestive problems and more. In many instances the sufferer is not even aware he is allergic to a specific substance. Allergies can become a serious problem and if not treated interfere with the quality of life and compromise our well being!

Allergies affect people of all ages, as young as new born babies
When we are just born the immune system is not fully developed yet, and can mistakenly react to harmless substances as if these are dangerous and produce an allergy. Allergies can make babies quite miserable (and their parents too…), restless and colicky. Symptoms as skin rashes, digestive difficulties, and nasal congestion are often triggered by allergies. Ear and eye infections are common symptoms in children that can develop due to allergies.

What is an allergy anyway?
An allergy is an hypersensitivity of the immune system to normally harmless substance that is set in the body memory. Once it is triggered, the body reacts by releasing chemicals that produce the allergic reaction in different systems in the body. It can be triggered by what we eat, smell, touch, or even remember or imagine.
The common types of allergies people suffer from are: Food allergies, seasonal allergies, pet allergies environmental allergies Medication/supplements allergies.

Why do we keep getting allergies?
As amazing as the immune system in protecting us from invaders like bacteria, viruses and poisons it sometimes makes mistakes. In certain situations it misidentifies friendly substances as harmful, and then attacks the substances with ferocity far greater than required. This attack can cause symptoms ranging from mildly uncomfortable to sever problems.
This exaggerated response gets embedded in the immune system forming antibodies which are our body memory. From now on and every time you come in contact with this specific food or substance, antibodies in your blood trigger a response that includes the release of histamines and other substances. Within minutes to hours, a variety of symptoms, including itchy mouth, swollen tongue, hives, wheezing, skin rashes, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, inflammation, aches and pains and more severe symptoms, start to manifest. At its worst, the reaction is anaphylaxis – a potentially life-threatening reaction that can occur within seconds and may lead to shock, airway closure and a blood-pressure drop.

Multiple allergies and stress
Have you ever noticed that when you feel stressed and experience emotional overload you tend to sneeze more, your skin gets itchier, you feel more pain and being attacked by more symptoms.
Research is finding that hormones (like Cortisol) and brain chemicals (like adrenaline) released into the bloodstream while under stress over activate the immune system and can trigger allergic reactions to different substances we come to contact with at the time.
Overactive nervous system due to worry or traumatic stress can create multiple allergies to almost everything. This is an indication of an immune system in a full blown attack mode.

The common approach to dealing with allergies
The most widespread strategies people have to dealing with allergies are – avoid them, suppress them with drugs or learn to live with them. These approaches may help manage some of the symptoms, some of the time, but it doesn’t eliminate the problem- the allergy itself.

The alternative approach to clearing allergies, even stubborn ones!
Wouldn’t it be better if there was an allergy treatment alternative to drugs, shots or other invasive intervention? The good news there is one.
In this approach, instead of trying to fight the allergy, the focus of treatment is on “turning off” the exaggerated response of the immune system in the presence of the allergen, helping the immune system to replace it with a welcoming response, eliminating the need to fight harmless substances for no reason.

Say goodbye to allergies for good, it’s possible
The first step in elimination allergies is to identify the exact substances the immune system is over-reacting to. This is done using a bio feedback technique called muscle testing which can uncover blocks in the energy pathways in the body caused by the allergy. Many people who suffer from different symptoms are surprised to find out they are allergic to seemingly harmless things, and even healthy people are surprised to find they are allergic too. The clearing process involves gentle stimulating of specific reflex points and spinal nerves while making contact with the allergen. This intervention restores a balanced response to the body, nervous and the immune systems. The outcome in most cases of the treatment is that the body no longer has to over reacts to the allergen, which means that the allergy was successfully eliminated and the person can be in touch with these allergens with no consequences.