Skin Disorders

Skin Disorders
The Mind-Skin Connection

Dr. Uri Kenig, June 2011

Los Angeles skin disordersWhat do you need to know about skin?

We don’t realize it but our skin is an organ just like the heart, lung and liver. Actually, it is the body’s largest organ and perhaps it’s most sensitive. The skin has a large amount of nerve endings networked through the entire skin, to sense the outside environment and react to it and it is closely connected with our nervous system and brain.
The skin is also our boundary with the outside world. Researchers studying the field of mind-skin connection have discovered that the body’s reaction to feelings of high alert and difficulties to protect psychological boundaries like saying “no”, setting limits and expressing emotions, creates stress, that if not released, can find its way out to the surface, often through the skin.How can emotional turmoil trigger or aggravate skin problems?
Unresolved Stress and emotional factors can affect the skin health by setting off several physiological reactions in the body:
1. Release of hormones like Cortisol that thicken hair follicle cells and increase oil production, the perfect recipe for Acne.
2. Release of neuropeptides, chemicals unleashed from nerve endings in the skin that leave it red, itchy and inflamed.
3.  Production of T- cells by the immune system, the skin’s infection fighters that overreact, causing redness, flake and scale.
4. blood vessels under stress become more reactive; either constricted (so skin looks pale or yellow) or opening too widely (causing the skin to flush).
Stress can tip the balance between dormant viruses  and immune system and lead to an outbreak of shingles, herpes and cold sores. Stress also affects the skin’s repair mechanisms and that is why it takes longer than usual to heal. Many times, the efforts to avoid stressful situations and the feelings aroused because of it, trigger the skin symptoms.What can be done if your skin problems just don’t go away?
If you suffer from some chronic skin problems that don’t go away with dermatological medical treatment, we offer a highly effective treatment to clear your skin problems from the inside out.
IPEC Therapy® is an integrative body-mind treatment that helps you transform the way your body and mind react to stress, so it doesn’t have to flair you skin. Using the natural biofeedback system in your body, your skin clears up naturally and you develop psychological resilience to deal with stress in healthy ways without aggravating your skin.