Can Urticaria be caused by Emotions?


A man in his early thirties began to flair up with red skin rash almost on his entire body, accompanied by the most painful and severe itching. After undergoing treatment with two dermatologists to no success, he reached IPEC Therapy. It turned out that the guy is in a serious crossroads in his career for a several months. He worked in an unsatisfying job for a long time and was un-proportionally compensated. In the last year before therapy, he was preoccupied with thoughts that he had passed the age 30 and is still stuck in the same place in life, and if nothing will change this is how he will always be. He did not feel important, neither contributing nor producing. He secretly began to weave a new career in his mind, that will give a new meaning to his life. In fantasy, everything looked great, but when time came to fulfill them, difficulties and problems piled up and suddenly the dream lost its appeal and he sank into despair that nothing will ever change. This mental state was a fertile ground for the outbreak of Urticaria. It flared up and ignited his past of a child that most of the time felt not important, unsuccessful academically and socially, and was living in a family that its members were intermittently sick.
This shattered Dream from a few months prior to therapy stimulated fiercely old memories but he had no outlet to express them.  As a result, his immune system began to work more vigorously to “clean up” the memories as if they were invaders that were threatening his well being. But the memories kept flooding and the immune system increased its activity to rid the body of the “invaders”, and eventually the skin flared up.

In IPEC treatment, he found out these revelations and the assessment that was followed up by intense interventions cleared up the Urticaria efficiently and rapidly.