Depression Over Relationship

Woman in her mid-fifties turned to treatment after a five-year depression that began after her lover left her. She was married with children and lived her married life empty until she met a married man who felt the same way about his marriage. They fell in love and began to have a long term relationship during which he wanted to divorce his wife and marry the patient but she refused. It was convenient for her to get excited about the romance but not to commit beyond that. Five years later, the man gave up and left her disappointed and refused to keep with her any form of contact. Within a few months the patient sank into a depression and sought a treatment that lasted for a two-years period, including administration of drugs, but it did not help her depression at all. She came for IPEC Therapy very skeptical following a warm recommendation by a friend. Treatment revealed a striking resemblence between the ways her father and her husband treated her; Both related to her physical and existential needs but could not contain her feelings and her inner world within her relationships with them. In therapy, she the dynamics that led her to marry her husband, a kind of a way to solve the unresolved relationship with her father. Beyond that, she came to understand what drew her to the thrill of the romance and how she could not allow herself to fulfill her love life with a man who really loved her. All these revelations were the product of MT with relatively minimal conversation. Within a few months into the treatment, when the depression began to systematically alleviated, she  began the process of separation from her husband. When completed the divorce, she came back to life and the depression was gone.