Natural Psoriasis treatment


A man in his forties, holding a senior position in a large company, had no success in forming a steady and lasting relationship with a woman, even though he was romantically involved with women multiple times during his adult life. In the meantime, most of his life, he suffered of intermittent skin irritations and itchy rashes in different spots on his body. He could never connect his skin condition to his lack of success in relationships.
A few months before he turned to IPEC Therapy, the skin irritations became severe, had white scales on it and it spread mainly to his skull. The severe itch became very painful and his irresistible scratching led to bleeding infections. It appeared to have a severe Psoriasis attack.
A preliminary IPEC assessment found that it is connected to him having involved currently in a love/hate relationship with a woman, and he felt a lack of courage to either express to her honestly his feelings or terminate the relationship.  The woman was often in rage with him, blaming him for many things and he kept quiet while feeling insulted and humiliatedParallel to the relationship deterioration, his skin condition greatly exacerbated.
He was very surprised to find out the connection between his failed relationship and the worsening condition of his psoriasis. Digging further into the evaluation, a picture of neglect and emotional abandonment during his childhood had surfaced. He grew up in a family where there was a culture of denial ans self expression was not allowed. He developed a belief that he does not deserve to be loved, and that there is nothing interesting about him so nobody will really listen to him.
These revelations through MT processes, involved with consequent energy treatments, got his Psoriasis into remission and within a few months his skin was free and healthy.