Shoulder Tic

A 12 years old child had suffered from a tic in his shoulder and neck. He would pull his shoulder involuntarily toward his neck, as if he wants to scratch his neck side with his shoulder. This tic would show up every few minutes in a severe case, and every few hours at other times. He developed the tic a few months prior to therapy. There was no apparent pressure in his life when and before the tic developed. MT assessment indicated that the tic is a direct result of the child connection to his dad. A brief exploration revealed that the child’s dad got operated on his shoulder a month prior to the tics eruption. The dad had prolonged pain in the shoulder after the operation, and he would pull his shoulder up, once in a while, in order to alleviate the pain. It looked as if dad was constantly in pain. Further MT clarified that the child worried about dad’s health and unconsciously, he developed similar tics. Few sessions of IPEC therapy cleared from the child’s mind the association between his worries about his dad’s health and mimicking dad’s behavior of shoulder pulling. Consequently, the tics completely disappeared.