Swelling Wrist

A 12 years old girl had an accident; she fell on her wrist and bent it inwardly. The wrist was swollen for almost a month till the swollen area shrank back to normal. An X-ray did not diagnose any pathology. 11 years passed by, and the pain in the wrist was steadily there any time she tried to bend the wrist inwardly. An MRI exam did not reveal again, any pathology to the area. She attended IPEC therapy in the age of 23, 11 years after the accident. MT indicated microscopic tears in the ligaments connected to the wrist. Any movement of the hand opened up again and again these lesions, because her mind did not resolve the trauma of the accident. Few IPEC therapy sessions took care of the emotional as well as the physical aspects of the accident and the different parts of the wrist, and the pain was gone.