Treating Acne Naturally


A 17 years old girl, a junior in high school, was involved for almost a year in the process of registration to the college of her dreams. The girl was an outstanding student, perfectionist and very ambitious. She came to IPEC Therapy to treat a severe Acne that had developed on her face, not imagining that perhaps her ambition and devotion to her future academic career, had maintained the development of her Acne.
The Acne showed up initially as small and sporadic pimples. She took care of them right away by cleaning her face with appropriate chemicals and by ingesting food supplements. When the initial outbreak developed to be more prevalent all over her face, and the tiny pimples became big, red flares, wet and painful, she was seeking for therapy.  Her meeting with a dermatologist led to an absence of results so she turned to IPEC Therapy.
The initial assessment showed immediately that her Acne is highly related to her emotional state. It took sometime for her to see and realize how many issues in her life are “pushed under the carpet”. She had maintained the belief that if you are not aware of something it can never hurt you.
Realizing through MT how many issues around her application process to college, her rocky relationship with her parents, her constant tension with her boyfriend, just were ignored. The deeper these issues were opened for her, the clearer her skin became, and eventually, her Acne disappeared.