Ulcerative Colitis

A woman in her mid forties, attended therapy due to a disease in her colon, Ulcerative Colitis. She has suffered from 10 to 15 incidents of diarrhea daily, sometimes with bloodstains, originated from ulcers on her colon. She also experienced a few times a week painful stomach cramps and noticed that the cramps followed eating certain foods. Her gastroenterologist prescribed medication to suppress the ulceration process, but this medication created other side effects. IPEC therapy helped the client to become symptoms free within one month. Via MT, she found out that she was allergic to many kinds of food. Systemic clearing of these allergies brought upon immediate relief from her symptoms. MT also helped to build a specific menu of food supplements from whole food sources, which she ingested daily to accelerate her healing process. On the psychological level, even though she was symptoms free in a relatively short time, she understood that something about the way she conducted her psychological life, led her to the formation of her disease. She engaged herself in a longer IPEC therapy process, in which, MT helped her to clear a deep-rooted tendencies to be perfect and perform anything with no mistakes. She found out that at times when she perceived herself as failing or not living up to others expectations, she would not sleep the entire night and would go through torturing chains of anxieties. IPEC therapy helped her to clear many emotional blocks connected to these behaviors, mainly from her childhood in a rough neighborhood and being raised by highly abusive parents. Gradual healing of her colon went along with deep emotional release of old issues.