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A 30 years old woman suffered from Hoarseness for a long time. She had a low grade of bacterial infection in her throat, for years; it felt constantly like being close to be sick, as if she is about to cough but actually repeatedly had to clear her throat. Her voice was broken, rusty, as if […]


Allergy Causes Headaches

A 45 years old man suffered for a few years from allergy symptoms, sneezing, stuffy nose, and inner ear pains. After all kinds of medical treatment failed to help, he started IPEC therapy. Within a few months many allergens were cleared from his system and he could breath in a much freer manner and his […]


Fungus in the Vagina

A woman in her thirties suffered for months from white discharge in her vagina. She was treated unsuccessfully by her OBGYN for few months. MT indicated fungus infection. The fungus developed resistance to the multiple medications she consumed. Series of IPEC treatment cleared all kind of related fungus in the area, cleared the negative influence […]


Hay Fever

A client in his mid twenties had suffered for years from Hay Fever. MT found a connection to un-expressed emotions, lingering from his childhood. These emotions were systematically assessed and eliminated via IPEC therapy, and within a 3 months period the Hay Fever was gone completely.