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Treating Acne Naturally

Acne A 17 years old girl, a junior in high school, was involved for almost a year in the process of registration to the college of her dreams. The girl was an outstanding student, perfectionist and very ambitious. She came to IPEC Therapy to treat a severe Acne that had developed on her face, not […]


Atopic Dermatitis

A guy in his mid 20’s attended IPEC therapy for a severe skin disorder of Atopic Dermatitis, on his hands and legs. Before attending therapy, he saw few dermatologists whom could not help him. He suffered from constant itching and flaring of the infected skin areas. MT findings indicated a strong connection to unresolved emotional […]


Shoulder Numbness

A 55 years old man suffered from deep numbness in his left shoulder. His MD found no medical diagnosis, and sent him to get physical therapy, believing that it might be a pinched nerve. A few months after, he attended IPEC therapy, not before trying physical therapy for a few months, yet, with no results. […]