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Swollen and Weak Ankles

A man in his mid fifties suffered of swollen and weak ankles. MT indicated a physical block in the Para-Sympathetic nervous system (the one that is responsible to relax us). A series of IPEC treatment opened up the block and the ankles got back to normal.


Swelling Wrist

A 12 years old girl had an accident; she fell on her wrist and bent it inwardly. The wrist was swollen for almost a month till the swollen area shrank back to normal. An X-ray did not diagnose any pathology. 11 years passed by, and the pain in the wrist was steadily there any time […]


Low Back Issue

A woman in her late 30’s had suffered of low back pain for years. Numerous visits to a variety of professionals had not helped to solve the problem and did not find any pathology. In IPEC therapy, MT indicated profound fears about finances and survival. As these fears were addressed and cleared her low back […]


Shoulder Numbness

A 55 years old man suffered from deep numbness in his left shoulder. His MD found no medical diagnosis, and sent him to get physical therapy, believing that it might be a pinched nerve. A few months after, he attended IPEC therapy, not before trying physical therapy for a few months, yet, with no results. […]


Low Back Pain

A client developed intermittent low back pain. The pain would come like waves, some times very intense with radiation along the leg and some other times more dim. MT determined the source of the pain as a psychological stressor. Further investigation determined deep-rooted unconscious worries about finances, even though the reality of the client’s finances […]