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Babies are a bundle of joy, why am I not in love with mine?

Many of us, including moms have an automatic assumption that all moms will bond with their babies right away after birth, right? The reality is that it’s not the experience EVERY mom necessary has at first sight. Falling in love happens differently for every mom depending on her internal and external circumstances, personality, as well […]


Shoulder Tic

A 12 years old child had suffered from a tic in his shoulder and neck. He would pull his shoulder involuntarily toward his neck, as if he wants to scratch his neck side with his shoulder. This tic would show up every few minutes in a severe case, and every few hours at other times. […]


School Phobia

An 8 years old child developed school phobia. The parents reported no significant event took place in the last few months prior to therapy. MT suggested a conflict between the child and her teacher. The child could not shed any more light on the issue at first, but, later at home she could tell her […]