Breathing too much is actually breathing too little

Breathing Too Much is Actually Breathing Too Little


By Dr. Uri Kenig, Ph.D.

Over breathing
It’s a day after the election and no matter what the results are, we are all breathing with a sigh of relief that it’s all over. Speaking about breathing, did you know that when you hold your breath for too long, your body becomes hungry for air, sending a message to the lungs to inhale larger amounts of air to compensate for the air deprivation? When we find ourselves constantly holding our breath for too long, many times a day for long periods of time, we might be under a lot of stress. The lungs will try to bring in as much air as it can via inhalation mainly from the mouth causing the lungs to have a difficult time processing all of the air. The more air you inhale, the less your body is receiving, starting a new habit of OVER BREATHING. Before too long, this new habit becomes a feeding ground for the formation of all kinds of breathing difficulties, stemming from the oxygen not reaching the entire body.