Can you improve your endurance while sitting?

Breathing exercises while sitting
Improper breathing can lead to shortness of breath, makes it difficult to complete fitness activity and result in overall low endurance. When we do strenuous activity like exercise, optimal supply of oxygen is needed to allow our muscles to operate efficiently, lower our heart rate and maintain good energy level.

Correct breathing is key in developing good endurance, burning more fat, preventing dizziness and increasing overall fitness. Most people think that physical exercise is the only way to develop desired endurance. Not so. There is an effective, scientific way that is not strenuous and can help improve breathe endurance while…. sitting.
Scientists and researchers in Russia developed a breathing training device that trains the body to breathe efficiently, increasing oxygen metabolism to every cell of the body. It is called the Frolov Respiration training device. It is simple, yet powerful and it is completely natural and drug free.  Using it mimics conditions of higher altitude, which allows the respiratory system to utilize oxygen most efficiently, strengthening the gentle  fabric of muscles of the respiratory tissues that is essential for good breathing. The practice consists of breathing into the device for up to 20-30 minutes daily, while sitting. It is gentle,  gradual and pleasant to do. It  trains the body to  adapt new habits of breathing that overtime become automatic. This is a great way of improving your endurance in the comfort of your home.

Dr. Uri Kenig