Why Mouth Breathing May Hurt Our Health?

Published 12-20-2012

Mouth breathing
Apart from the embarrassment of being caught by your friends while watching a movie with your mouth wide open, mouth breathing is bad for your health.

Mouth breathing occurs when we inhale and exhale air through our mouth rather than using our nose. When air is inhaled through the nose, it passes through the mucus membranes in the nose passages and sinuses. This mucus in the nose cavities is an immune system defense mechanism that blocks allergens, viruses and bacteria from entering the body though the respiratory system. Did you know that for these reasons, mouth breathers are much more susceptible to develop recurring bronchioles infections, colds & flu, coughs, post nasal drips and allergies than nose breathers? In terms of dental health, breathing through the mouth can dry the oral cavity and lead to bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay. When breathing from the mouth, we inhale a large volume of air at once; four times more than the amount inhaled through the nose, which causes over breathing and contrary to what many people believe, it reduces the lungs capacity to utilize oxygen efficiently and use it in our body.
Mouth breathing is a habit that can be changed. Try to be aware to keep your mouth closed at most times, when you don’t talk during the day. At night it is recommended to use a special mouth tape to keep the mouth from opening.
Restoring the habit of nose breathing will improve your better overall breathing health, and will help you stay healthy in so many other ways as well.

Dr. Uri Kenig