Why am I short of breath after eating?

Breathing and eating
The main cause of feeling short of breath after eating is most commonly overeating. When we have excessive Intake of food, the stomach becomes bloated and presses against the diaphragm. In order to breath normally, the diaphragm needs to expand, but when the stomach is bloated the expansion cannot take place properly.

The result is distressed breathing, fast and shallow. In this attempt to get adequate supply of oxygen, we start to over breath, inhaling through our mouth large amount of air that stays in the upper part of our lungs, and cannot properly transfer oxygen to the blood stream. The more air is inhaled, the less oxygen actually gets into our cells. It might take hours for the stomach to digest the food, and allow breathing to get back to normal. If overeating repeats itself, the body might develop a vicious cycle of breathing problems following overeating. To reverse this cycle, make sure to eat smaller portions more frequently, and do not over fill the stomach with solid or liquid foods. I would recommend you to breath mainly through your nose, and limit mouth breathing to minimum. Develop breath fitness by learning to breath using your diaphragm for maximum oxygen supply. Breath is essential for survival and well being; let’s use it efficiently!

Dr. Uri Kenig