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This therapists list can help you locate an IPEC Therapist.
You can find the level of education for each therapist and personal business page by clicking on their names.

Levels of IPEC Therapy education:

  • CertifiedCompleted 400 academic hours of education
  • SeniorCompleted additional 40 hours of advanced education
  • Professional SeniorityCompleted additional 40 hours of learning to treat complex cases
  • ExpertAdditional education of 200 hours beyond Professional Seniority and/or submitted an academic work in a specific IPEC treatment and is actively treating clients as an IPEC Therapist for at least two years post Professional Seniority
  • TeacherAn IPEC Therapist with experience of at least 4 years of actively treating clients, post Professional Seniority, personally certified by Dr. Uri Kenig
TherapistsIPEC TrainedAreaCityPhoneEmailNotes
Dr. Uri KenigIPEC Therapy Developer
Dalia KenigIPEC Expert
Avivi SharonIPEC ExpertIsraelTivon054-4708555GAVIVI@BEZEQINT.NET

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