Anxieties & Panic Attacks

Fears, anxieties and phobias are like a snowball; If not treated, are intensifying and damage the ability to function, confidence and quality of life.

What’s important to know about anxieties:

  • Temporary feelings of anxiety are normal reactions to threatening and unknown situations which disappear when the threat ends up.
  • Repeating feelings of anxiety at high intensity that do not easily fade away, indicate a clinical condition that needs professional intervention
  • In anxiety and fear there is an existential threat and helplessness that activate the body’s alarm mechanism and as a result develop physical reactions, negative thoughts and turbulent emotions.
  • Anxiety reactions may lead to development of physical problems such as sleep disorders, abdominal pain, headache, and more (List symptoms)
  • Sedating drugs for dealing with fears and anxieties can dim the symptoms but at the cost of side effects
  • Treating with drugs alone may create dependency on the medicine without dealing with the mental aspect of the problem
  • Psychological talk therapy, focusing on how to deal with the state of anxiety and emotional support but do not neutralize the source of the problem

To truly be free of fears and anxieties and their accompanying symptoms, the problem has to be healed from its root, that is, to neutralize the scary scripts embedded in the body’s memory which trigger the body’s stress system, creating fears and anxieties.

IPEC Therapy in fears and anxieties offers:

  • Unique diagnostic system using biofeedback of the body (muscle test)
  • Releasing the frightening memories from the subconscious mind, those who activate the anxiety mechanism
  • Release stress responses in body and mind
  • Balance the nervous system responses
  • Natural tools for achieving emotional balance, inner peace and increased self-confidence

For more information on the treatment of anxieties & panic attacks with IPEC Therapy you can contact Dr. Uri Kenig or a certified IPEC therapist in the therapists index in the site.