Respiratory Issues

Breathing problems stem from lack of Oxygen in the body. Lack of Oxygen in the body creates breathing problems. This is a vicious cycle leading to the development of respiratory conditions that according to modern literature, there is no cure.

If we understand the elements leading to the development of respiratory diseases, we can certainly realize that most respiratory diseases can be significantly getting better and even be cured.

What happens in the body and mind that causes the formation of respiratory problems?


  • Experiencing mental threatening event violates the normal respiratory rate and causes Oxygen deficiency in the lungs
  • When the threat passes, the lungs are trying to fill up the gap and increase the respiratory rate in order to supplement the Oxygen deprivation
  • When the threat becomes persistent for days, for weeks, for months, lack of Oxygen reaches the level of distress and forces the lungs to bring more and more
  • Oxygen into the bloodstream; that builds up a condition of Hyperventilation (over-breathing)
  • Hyperventilation requires higher amounts of Oxygen to the lungs and the body dumps too much Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • In optimal health condition, Oxygen is entering the bloodstream and reaching every cell in the body
  • In a state of Hyperventilation, too much Oxygen is concentrated in the heart and lungs areas, and the body’s periphery (e.g. hands & legs) become Oxygen deficient, thus, increasing the original emotional stress
  • When the above process continues for a long time, it might form inflammation conditions in the lungs and bronchus which lead to the formation of Asthma,
  • Bronchitis, Emphysema, COPD and more, which are permanent conditions
  • Different drugs relaxing the many symptoms for short periods but progressively take the suffering person further away from a long term solution of his condition

How can you heal respiratory diseases with IPEC Therapy, a holistic therapy approach??

  • Identifying the components of the present and past threats leading to mental stress which is manifested in disruption of normal breathing
  • Systematic clearing of these threat elements from the body and mind
  • Retraining the respiratory system, utilizing a special technology (the client continues with regular medication up to successfully completing this training)
  • Systematic reduction in the amount of Oxygen inhaled into the body and systematic increasing of Carbon Dioxide into the body’s in order to chemically balance these two gases in the lungs and the entire body
  • Systematic changing eating habits
  • Moderate daily exercise protocol

The treatment is natural, relaxing, non-invasive, without medication and suitable for all ages (including the embryonic stage) and is based on the principles of energy therapy in conjunction with the body’s natural healing system.

For more information on IPEC Therapy, and how holistic therapy with respiratory problems can help, contact Dr. Uri Kenig