Suffer from allergies? You are not alone; Every fourth person suffers from some allergy or hypersensitivity in different severity.

What‘s important to know about your allergy?

  • To what do you react? Foods, substances in the environment, pets, drugs, and more (see list)
  • Allergy reactions can affect all body systems and cause direct symptoms and side effects. Persistent allergies can develop over time to become chronic disease states such as asthma, eczema, headaches that do not heal, and more (see list of symptoms)
  • Many of the allergies are developed due to emotional reasons but their expression is physical (Continue reading)

The myth about allergies:

You can not get rid of allergies and the only way to deal with them is by avoiding the allergen or the use of drugs suppressing the symptoms but with the price of unpleasant side effects.

Reality: When you stop taking the medication allergic reaction reappear.

IPEC treatment method offers a long term solution that neutralizes the reasons for the onset of allergy.
Treatment neutralizes false response of the immune system that causes the allergy

The treatment neutralize the immune system’s false reaction, resulting in allergy and its symptoms, elimination. After treatment people can be in contact with the allergen material without adverse reactions.

Allergy diagnosis – unlike conventional diagnostic scratch test and blood tests, IPEC Therapy’s diagnosis is based on direct and accurate information extracted accurately from the patient‘s body using biofeedback of the body (muscle test). Diagnosis identifies the exact sources of the problem and the reasons for its formation. The process includes an energetic reaction test to a wide range of different materials that may be causing allergies.

man holding sand

Allergy Treatment

The process focuses on balance and release of blockages, deficits and internal disturbances, causing the environmental allergens according to the findings of the assessment process. Muscle test directs the therapist as far as the preferred interventions and confirms which of them will help balance and strengthen the patient and as a result, helping him to release himself from the suffer causing allergies.

The treatment is natural, relaxing, non-invasive, without medication and suitable for all ages (including the embryonic stage) and is based on energetic principles activating the natural healing mechanism of the body.

For more information on the IPEC treatment of allergies you can contact Dr. Uri Kenig or a certified IPEC therapist in the therapists index in the website.