IPEC Therapy Studies

Studies Developed by Dr. Uri Kenig

The IPEC Therapy Training is intended for all professionals in the fields of body and mental health, as well as for students who are actively studying in recognized schools.
Additional training courses are designated for non-professionals participants for purpose of self-healing.

All courses will be taught by the following teachers:

Dr. Uri Kenig, IPEC Therapy developer, in US-California
Dalia Kenig, M.A. co-developer, in US-California
Sharon Avivi, in Israel
Tami Reyes, in Israel
Dorit Fox, in Israel
Roy Ben Yehuda, in Israel
Nurit Streichman, in Israel
Yoni Bakalu, in Israel
Limor Ulukaya, in Israel
Hemed Meidan, in Israel

Teachers can teach all IPEC levels face to face in their country of residence and/or, on the internet, both in Hebrew and English.

All seminars are under Dr. Uri Kenig auspices.

The current IPEC Therapy Studies takes effect in different forms:

1. IPEC Therapy Certification – 140 hours of academic study
2.  IPEC Therapy Professional Seniority – 140 Hours of Academic Study
3. IPEC Therapy Supervised treatment – 100 hours, by the above teachers 
3. Expertise individual training for certified therapists by Dr. Uri Kenig and Dalia Kenig or other qualified teachers
4. Professional training for non-professionals – 60 hours of academic study and practicing
5. Professional training for Doulas and para-medical professionals – 80 hours of academic study and practicing

Dr. Uri Kenig and IPEC Therapy management in Israel and around the world, together, and separately, reserve the right to change this course of study on its various requirements, in full and/or partially, at their discretion, and without any prior notice.

At the end of each course, a formal certificate will be awarded to the participants

Certification Program

An 140-hour academic study course that includes the following areas:

1. The concept of energy therapy
2. Biofeedback of the muscular system
3. Energy pathways (meridians) and treatment points (acupuncture points) according to Chinese medicine
4. The power of words
5. Allergies and the immune system
6. Assessment of nutritional needs
7. Basic therapeutic interventions for energy balance
8. IPEC Therapy road map – therapeutic flowchart
9. Advanced techniques of Biofeedback of the Muscular System
10. Detailed physical and reflex points in the human body
11. Tool for Creating Therapeutic IPEC affirmations
12.  Identify patient types and effective ways of working with them
13. Dealing with difficult situations and conditions during IPEC Therapy process
14. Levels of readiness to heal
15. The stress system
16. Dealing with emotionally charged situations
17.  Periodic assessment protocol of the patient’s energy system
18.  Bach flowers
19.  Working with the chakra system
20. Matrixes – Physical and Psychological
21.  Dealing with resistance to readiness
22. Laws and ethics in IPEC Therapy

Certification Extra Curriculum

1. Therapist and client Communication – 20 academic hours
2. Anatomy & Physiology – 80 academic hours
3. Pathology – 80 academic hours

4. Introduction to psychology

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