IPEC Therapy Website Regulations

IPEC Therapy Website Regulations

Browsing this website and its contents constitutes your acceptance of the following rules and regulations.This website was created as a general information center for energy therapy, and more specifically IPEC Therapy. The content provided is primarily educational, for those who are seeking to expand their knowledge. Information should be accepted with precaution.

Under all circumstances, the information, opinions, links to other websites, bibliography, nutritional supplements, health tips and advice expressed in this website, are neither medical advice nor medical opinion. This is not a substitute for medical treatments, care or procedures. It is always advised that anyone suffering from a physical or mental condition, seek the help of a licensed healthcare professional first.

Any use of all or part of the information expressed in this website is entirely the responsibility of the user. Under all circumstances, neither the owner of this website, nor the working staff associated with this website, will bear any consequences that are directly or indirectly related to or that stem from use of this website, in part or in full.

Participation in various forums is solely for the purpose of an informational exchange between the public and IPEC therapists, conducting psychotherapy as well as between professionals from diverse modalities. All information, opinions and advice expressed in these forums are the sole responsibility of the persons who express them.

Information obtained from various forums will solely be under the reader’s discretion, while he/she bears all responsibility for use of the information. IPEC Therapy, Inc. and all its personnel are released entirely from any responsibility of the content written, and results of any action by the reader from information derived through a forum.

The use of various forums for advertising purposes is completely forbidden. Forums & blogs are designated solely for professional purposes and should follow basic rules of morality and ethics. Any misuse of forums and/or blogs for personal gain and/or unethical behavior will result in immediate deletion of the specific posting.

The intellectual properties of the names IPEC Therapy and Integrated Physical Emotional Clearing are the sole property of IPEC Therapy, Inc. All rights of the content expressed and tools displayed in this website are reserved to IPEC Therapy, Inc. The rights of the professional books and articles presented in this website belong to the different writers.

Content on this website is provided for personal and non-commercial use only. The content, in part or in full, can not be used for commercial purposes, such as teaching or developing for any applications other than IPEC Therapy, Inc. Such use can only occur with written permission by the owner of IPEC Therapy, Inc.

The intellectual property of the design and structure of this website belongs to IPEC Therapy®, Inc. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.