Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHD)

Are you afraid your child suffers from attention, concentration and/or hyperactivity problems? Is school or pediatrician are pressuring to give your child psychiatric drugs for “treating the problem”?

There are some facts you should know before you choose how to help your child:

  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is an inclusive collection of symptoms – this is not a problem in itself; this is an invented mental diagnosis
  • Not all ADHD and hyperactivity problems derive from the same reason; It differs from one child to another
  • There are reasons for ADHD and concentration problems that many people do not know about them (see list)
  • Medication is designed to suppress interfering symptoms . It can make life easier for teachers, parents and even children themselves, because it restrains the behavior, but at the same time, it neglects and ignores the real problem that causes the symptoms
  • Medical treatment including stimulating psychiatric drugs like Ritalin or Concerta generally have short and long term side effects
  • The above drugs can cause dependency and inhibit the the child’s natural temperament
  • There are beneficial herbs that produce important benefit in treating ADHD as natural alternatives to a verity of medication

IPEC Therapy, an holistic therapy, addresses problems of inattention, lack of concentration and hyperactivity with a natural way, without psychiatric drugs and with no side effects as follows:

Assessment process – unlike conventional assessment questionnaires and statistical criteria, the assessment of IPEC therapy is based on a direct and accurate information derived from the patient’s body through biofeedback system of the body (muscle test). Diagnosis identifies the exact sources of the problem and the reasons for its formation.

The treatment process – the process focuses on balancing and releasing of internal and environmental blockages, deficits and disorders that affect the attention and the concentration, based on the diagnosis’s findings.

Muscle Test directs the therapist to the preferred ways of dealing with the needed interventions to help balance and strengthen the patient and as a result, help him solve the problem of attention and concentration.

The treatment is natural, based on energy principles that activate the body’s natural healing mechanism.

For more information on the treatment of attention and concentration problems with IPEC Therapy, you can contact Dr. Uri Kenig or a certified IPEC therapist in the therapists index in the website.