IPEC Therapy Expertise

Studies Towards Receiving an IPEC Therapy Expert Practitioner Certificate

IPEC expert is the highest level of professional and personal leadership in IPEC therapy. The expert is supposed to represent the method while demonstrating complex knowledge and the ability to cope with complicated and changing situations.
To this end, the requirements of an expert are reflected in academic requirements of acquiring expanded knowledge during various courses, within IPEC’s curriculum and in added related knowledge acquired from educational institutions outside of IPEC.

In addition, an expert practitioner is supposed to present his or her suitability for this certificate by:

  1. Submitting several case analyses in which they demonstrated his/her knowledge of building a professional assessment of each case
  2. Presenting different methods of treatment using IPEC treatment tools
  3. Reporting the findings of the work

An expert IPEC practitioner, by virtue of being a leader and representative, is supposed to demonstrate a high inter-personal communication ability between him and his patients, between him and his fellow professionals and between him and various institutions. He must demonstrate the ability to address crises and deal with conflicts whether in therapy or in his relationship with others.

IPEC Therapy Expertise Program:

1. 150 Academic hours in senior IPEC courses. The material required to study is:

A. The Psychology of Biology

B. The Molecule of Life

C. Mind-body diagram

D. Comprehensive Matrix

E. Psychological Matrix

6. Rapid evaluation/rapid intervention of systems and organs

G. Flowchart of the Self

H. Openness to Healing and Psychological defenses

I. Five Filters Model: 

1. Permission/Collaboration

2. Openness 

3. Readiness 

4. Belief Analysis

5. Attachment

6. HPA Axis 

7. Belief Analyzer

8. Decrypting the code behind jammed IPEC Therapy 

9. IPEC’s flowchart for diagnosing/treating traumas

10. Energy Treatment Impact Model on Respiratory Diseases

11. Children’s Matrix

12. Family Matrix

13. Relationship and Intimacy Matrix

14. Child Development Table from birth to age 30

15. Dealing with mental breakdown and psychosis in IPEC treatment

Expertise Extra Curriculum:

Complementary elective hours of study out of IPEC – 80 academic hours
40 Academic Hours – Psychopathology

40 Academic Hours – Various Methods of Treatment – Psychological and Physiological
Presentation of two therapeutic cases

Therapeutic experience in IPEC – 1000 hours of therapeutic hours for two years from the date of receiving a certified degree in IPEC treatment

At the end of fulfilling the above requirements the student will be eligible for the degree of specialist practitioner of the IPEC Therapy

Dr. Uri Koenig and IPEC management in Israel and around the world, together, and separately, reserve the right to change this course of study on its various requirements, in full and/or partially, at their discretion, and without any prior notice.

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