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Integrated Physical Emotional Clearing

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Discover The Power of Integrated Physical Emotional Clearing

PEC Therapy, designed by founder Dr. Uri Kenig, is a revolutionary new way to achieve whole-life health goals that offer relief from chronic issues as well as promoting long-term health and wellness. Through an effective and natural therapeutic approach that holistically treats the body and mind, experience true freedom from many of life’s physical, emotional, and psychosomatic issues.

If you are ready to break the chains of physical and emotional illness and experience a life of exceptional health, contact the IPEC Therapy team today to schedule a consultation with our team of experienced and licensed therapists..

Meet Dr. Uri Kenig, Ph.D.

As the founder of IPEC Therapy, Dr. Kenig is an experienced clinical psychotherapist with a passion for helping clients find hope through holistic approaches to mind and body medicine. Dr. Kenig focuses on empowering the body’s natural healing apparatus, helping individuals journey towards better health and quality of life through Integrated Physical Emotional Clearing.

Integrated Therapeutic Solutions

IPEC Therapy is designed to help individuals suffering from many different issues. From physical ailments such as allergies and chronic fatigue to anxiety and depression, IPEC Therapy focuses on helping alleviate the symptoms and uses the body’s natural healing system to stop problems once and for all.

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