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IPEC Therapy developers, Dr. Uri Kenig & Dalia Kenig, M.A.

Dr. Uri Kenig is the founder and developer of IPEC Therapy®, an integrative body-mind treatment approach that addresses physical and psychological conditions, utilizing the subtle energy within the body.

Dr. Kenig earned his Masters degree in Clinical Child Psychology from Tel Aviv University in Israel. He holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from California Graduate Institute in Los Angeles, California. After years of working as Psychotherapist Dr. Kenig realized the important role of the stress, not just on the mind and our psychology, but the hidden effects it has on the body, the development of disease and our ability to heal and recover back to health. Dr. Kenig has been passionately involved in the study of the body-mind field in the last 21 years. He trained extensively in a variety of Energy Therapy Modalities such as N.A.E.T., (EDxTM)™, EFT, NET and more, and he continues to study this field in depth.

Dr. Kenig practices in Encino, California, and has helped many people transform their health through his work with IPEC Therapy®. By addressing the origin of the stress, core beliefs and the interrelated physiological responses, he has helped people eliminates the blocks that keep them “stuck” and prevent the natural healing process to take place.
In his work, Dr. Kenig integrates conventional and integrative interventions that are tailored specifically for each client. He has successfully helped people from all over the world to find relief and resolve physical and emotional issues no matter how challenging they are.

Dr. Kenig has trained so far over 1000 practitioners internationally in IPEC Therapy® and continues to teach, train and lecture on the topics of IPEC Therapy® and Integrative Psychotherapy.

Dalia Kenig, M.A.

Dalia Kenig M.A. is the co-developer of IPEC Therapy, an integrative treatment approach that uses subtle energy within the body as a guide to trace energetic imbalances and outline the sources of physical and psychological conditions.

Dalia Kenig earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Clinical Social Work form Tel Aviv University in Israel and her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from California Graduate Institute in Los Angeles, California. Her clinical training includes Psychodynamic and Cognitive modalities, Primal therapy and Somatic Therapy. Dalia Kenig has trained extensively in Energy based Therapies; N.A.E.T, ECC, TFT, EFT, Chakra Psychology and Seemorg Matrix which she incorporates into her work.

Her unique approach combines aspects of process oriented Psychotherapy, Chakra Psychology and IPEC Therapy into a healing process. She helps her clients release the blocks that keep them “stuck” in the vicious cycle of their symptoms. This is done both on an energetic level as well as psychological level. As a result, people report that symptoms clear and their discomfort is transformed to a feeling of vitality, well being and peace of mind.
Dalia Kenig believes that our deeply held beliefs strongly influence our physical and psychological health. We have the choice to use the abundance of resources within us to restore our health.
Dalia Kenig have helped many people resolve “stubborn” physical and psychological symptoms and guided them to connect with their true Self for clarity and self-fulfillment.

Dalia Kenig practices in Encino, California since 1989, with over 24 years of clinical experience. She works with children, adults, couples and families as well as teaches and lead workshops on the topics of Chakra Therapy, Integrative Psychotherapy and parenting.

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